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Creation Quest

An 80-Days + 80 Nights Inspired Action Quest to Align with Your BIG Idea and Channel/Write a Book

September 23 - December 16, 2021

Let's Make Book Magic!

TRUTH: Your BIG Idea is Craving a Book

Hey there Inspired Creator,

I see you, and I know that you are a creative, fun & playful business owner who has who been CALLED to release your Brilliance in a AMAZING book that transform the world.

The challenge?

There can be so much to DO in the world and in your business, that new ideas, even compelling ones can seem too risky or time consuming;

OR, You are at the point of QUESTIONING. You don't know if it can REALLY be BIG, so you DELAY. (And maybe have been delaying for YEARS!)

OR, Perhaps you haven't taken the time  to Connect to the Soul of your Idea and Book to assess it's energy, vision and high-vibe impact that it desires! 

OR, Finally, you may be partially into your book already, and you are STUCK, OVERWHELMED, or NOT SURE what to do next to get your Big Idea 'Out There'. 


I Invite you to

80 Days + 80 Nights:

Why 80 days and 80 nights?

Because of what happens in YOU over time. From idea to bringing it to life to finishing its mission and creating WEALTH--as a journey or adventure!

When I invented and launched my game, I TOTALLY got stuck on this one. I wanted it to INSTANTLY happen!

When I discovered this MISSING PIECE of alignment in TIME + STRUCTURE, that informed my higher self that I was SERIOUS. So, I created a place in my schedule to have this wisdom pour out and allow it to flow and then get to MARKET!

I have used this dream/channeling technique with book authors and game+deck creators for the SAME EFFECT.  

It's a GAME-CHANGER! You NEED a Container for BIRTHING!

Let me ask you a question…

What if you took 80 days to open up your book's creativity center and give it space to be channeled in?

and THEN allowed yourself to DREAM for 80 nights and align into an actionable dream journal of what's possible for your BIG message and story?  


If that calls to you and ignites your book's entrepreneurial spirit, this QUEST has been designed for you!

The Book Magic Creation Quest Starts soon!

Come & Play with us! Get your BIG Idea + Your Book's Genius Working in the World.









Your 80-Days + 80 Nights Book Magic Quest:

To access the soul of your book's BIG Idea, dream of possibilities and vision an actionable plan that naturally creates $$$ flow through its magnetism!

Your Book is Meant to be OUT IN THE WORLD!

(And, it's Magnetic When it's Completely Aligned!)

"I worked with Jean on the vision for my book, Permission to Sparkle, and what I got was a whole Heart-of-business plan. We talked to the soul of my book, and it wanted to be BIG! I feel so lit up and inspired to create not just a book, but a deck, a course and club too! Money is flowing in my business!"

Astrid Mueller
Brand Magic + Queen Coaching @

Your Book Quest happens over 80 Days with 5 Missions & Daily Support + Celebration!

Active Dreaming

Accessing Your Book/Idea's Big Dream

Imagery + DreamScapes

Finding Your Book/Idea's Soul Archetypes

Party Time! 

Aligning Yours + Your BIG Idea's Vibration

Ideation + MindStorming

Let's play a GAME with your book + idea to see how to WIN!

Structure + Aligned Action Plan Creation

I Want to Join the Book Magic Creation Quest!

Each Mission contains a Guided Video and Playsheets, divinely designed to get you into your inspired dream state, AND

  • Private Community (NOT on facebook) 😉 💜
  • Daily Messages ⭐️🦋 for writing, inspiration, connecting to your channeled source, and tips for aligning to your message, your market and your transformational impact on the world! (These messages can be accessed in the community portal.)

This Fabulous 🦋  Book-Channeling Package:

Your Investment of $888 or 3 Payments of $298

This includes the Quest, the Mission Journeys (recorded so you can retake them anytime!)

the Daily Prompts and the Portal Member Community

+ BONUS Self-Publishing Training

+ BONUS 3-months in the Dreams-in-Action MasterClub!


Publishing Support

I have partnered with Author and Trainer, Beth Wellington (aka Paris Tyler). She is a third generation published author who created her own publishing house.

Her course, How to Self Publish has been taught live and online around the globe, helping new authors through the process of Print-on-Demand self publishing in a professional way! 

Once you register, you can access this for as long as this is a live site! (I expect that to be a long time!)

Join Book Magic, Channel my Book!


Dreams-In-Action MasterClub


As part of the Book Magic Quest, you will also receive 3 months during the Quest in the MasterClub.

The MasterClub is a series of support and community that Amplifies your Amazingness!


  • Weekly Q & A Retreat Calls -- Thursdays at noon (CT)
  • Weekly Inspired Action Sprints -- Get your writing and courseplay completed. Thursdays at 1:00 (CT)
  • Monthly live Dream Journeys -- First Friday of the month at 3:00 (CT)
  • + More to Surprise & Delight!

Hi! I'm Jean:

Jean Berry is a creative explorer.  She is an inventor, game inventor mentor, international speaker, intuitive artist, healer, children's book author, and spiritual guide. Coaches, speakers and consultants hire her to create branded games out of their unique processes to create Serious Fun & Serious Profit.

As a Certified Excellence Life Systems Coach, Active Dream Teacher, accomplished fine artist, trained energy healer and life-long student of games, art and miracles, she guides her clients to become experts in their fields, attract their ideal clients & have more fun & make more money.

Bottom line….Jean grows coaching businesses using FUN and Creativity.

She Lives in Austin TX with her husband, Dale & dog, Razzle-Dazzle.

Meet Courtney:

and her Hx3 Coaching Methodology. 

Courtney launched her coaching practice after a successful corporate career and shifting her world to become a jazz vocalist. The foundation for her coaching approach is a methodical yet heart-centered approach to supporting others in significant life transitions honed by her own life experiences and  coaching training. 

She supports creatives in living well, honoring their creative muse and self-expression through body, voice, word and artistic + energetic endeavors.

I am beyond THRILLED that she has opened up these few VIP spots to support YOU in getting your message out there in a book! 


I am ready to create my BIG Idea + Make My Book's DREAM Come True!

Let's make Book Magic! Join here.

This is going to be FUN!

What You'll Get in This Quest:

  • 5 Dream Imagery Journeys/Missions Into Your Book's Soul Desires. 
  • Discover Your Book's Soul Archetypes to open up possibilities.
  • Align Your Vibrations: You, Your Book, Your Audience so it is seen and is magnetic.
  • Play Games with Your Book and learn the best ways to open up wealth through your book.
  • Get a Clear, Actionable plan to channel, write and finish your book.
  • Private Community for Support, Accountability and Inspiration.
  • Daily prompts for writing, connecting to your channeled source and tips inside the community portal.
  • BONUS Self Publishing training
  • BONUS 3-months in the Dream-in-Action MasterClub with weekly Q + A and Work/Play Sprints!

This is a Deep Dive into the soul of your book to align you with its vision for transformation. 

Join the Quest!  You'll get instant access to the private community and energetically start your book's soul mission right now!

See you there!

Jean "Ingamenator" Berry


"So, the big day has arrived! Launch day is here for my book, the Crow on the Farm. Thank you Jean Berry for your Book Quest journey in April 2020 and my fabulous illustrator for putting my words into pictures. I am blessed."

Chrisa Riviello
Author + Psychic Medium

Frequently Asked Questions

We are starting on September 23, you will receive your first dream journey that morning. 

The last day is December 16. We will finish with a fun celebration and dream journal sharing.

Following the Quest, I'll share with you the other ways you can continue to 'Quest' with me and get deeper support should you want to get published, or make a physical product, book, game, journal, deck, etc. or to Stay in the MasterClub Community.

In this quest, we are focused on the energy, authenticity of message, vibration of connection and CHANNELING your material with ease.

We support you in ALIGNING to all those things AND getting your book to a stage that it can be edited and published. 

I struggled finding a group that was about the ENERGY and more of a 'right-brained' process.  I don't need 'accountability', but I do LOVE being in a community of like minded souls who are all putting MAGIC into the world. 

I suspect you are too.

Join in the FUN!

Most likely, YES!

Everyone has a story to tell, and a deeper message that allows them to share their transformation with the world.  Whether or not you end up turning that story into a physical product, this Quest will help you get CLEAR on your BIG message for the world.

The Quest will also start your book journey with a clear track for aligning you with your book and with vision, vibration and wealth!

Join us for the Quest!

The Dream Journeys and Missions are recorded, and our final Celebration journey and share will be LIVE!

You can access each of the journeys anytime after they are released.  

Watch them and respond in the group community site within 2 days of the release, and you will be on the SPiNNER for a FABULOUS PRIZE!

The weekly videos are short 10-15 minutes, and actions each day are simple, but profound. The actual creating time of your dream journal many take more time....allow at least 10-15 minutes, AND, I don't want to limit your creative flow!

I also suggest at least 15 minutes a day for your book writing or channeling practice. (Others prefer a BLOCK writing schedule where they write in one 2-3 hour block each week.)

The MasterClub Live Q & A calls are every Thursday at 1:00 (CT) for clarity, check-in and expansion of the week's topic.  I'll also announce them in your weekly email.

All new materials will be available each week on Thursday at 7:00(am) Central Time.


I will provide you with Playsheets for each mission, or, you can use a journal you are currently working in or a new journal that you want to dedicate to your book and it's dreams.

All you need is a pen, but if you want to get your creative on, 

Art Supplies desired (the ones the call to you!) for journalling such as:

  • Colored Pens
  • Crayons
  • Pastels
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Paint: Acrylic or Watercolor
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water to clean brushes
  • Magazines for Collaging
  • Glue
  • Glitter, sequins
  • Stickers
  • other supplies that call to you!


If that is what your business, your book and your message desires, of course!

I have several publishers that I work with that can help you take your amazing message to the world, either through self-publishing or finding an aligned publisher. 

It's all about the ENERGY. When that is clear, everything moves along with it.

True + Divine Timing is always at work, and we will help you hear those messages, and have the 'how-tos' at your fingertips when it is aligned.

Beth's Self Publish course will be in the portal for you to access when you are ready.

If you have another question, or aren't yet sure if if this is aligned for you, shoot me a message on FB messenger, 

Or, send me an email at [email protected]

I'll help you find the aligned decision that feels right, or we can jump on a call and discover your energetic match!


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