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Design and produce an amazing deck that is magnetic, unique and positions your business for growth.

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Hey There Magic Maker,

I see you, and I know that you are a creative business owner who loves serving your clients with Heart and Soul!


I know you may be secretly CRAVING more fun, more interaction and a Magnetic way to attract your ideal clients OR, Perhaps you have been thinking about creating a deck for YEARS!

Let me ask you a question…

Are you Ready to create something Unique and Meaningful that also sets you apart as an EXPERT in your field? (In a way that even a Book can't compete with!)

Then a DECK is for you!  And this Playshop + Resource Center has been designed for you!


Why Does the World Need YOUR Deck?

🌟One Word: ENGAGEMENT. Decks engage your clients in ways nothing else does.

🌟Your Brilliance Shines through a Unique Deck that Showcases your Transformation and has your clients 'Get It'!

🌟It's one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a cool and interactive product. 

🌟In this Digital world, having a physical product engages people's brains in a meaningful way making you more memorable, cementing your transformational process in their minds and quick frankly, making it more FUN!

The Most Common Ways Heart-Centered ❤️ Entrepreneurs Use Decks in Their Business is:

  • 🧲Become Magnetic  and Attract Ideal Clients, Leads and Partners (because attracting clients can sometimes look hard!)
  • 😎Set yourself apart as an expert so you are seen as successful! (Because deep down you have always wanted to invent something cool!)  

  • 🎉Increase Engagement. Decks are an extraordinary way for people to stay involved in your transformation. They are also more likely to hire you for another project/consulting because they LOVE 💕 you even more than they did before! (You're FUN!) 
  • ⚡️Get Referrals. Decks stay on people's desks, they play with them and it reminds them to refer you! 
  • 🌍Create a Physical Form for the transformation that you put in the world. 
  • 🚀Make your transformation Interactive, understandable + More FUN!

Anyone can Create a Deck, If you want a Profitable STRATEGY, This is the Place to BE!

What Kind of Deck Will YOU create?

There are many styles of decks including:

  • Oracle Decks including Angel cards, Animal oracles, Nature Oracles, etc. 
  • Astrology Decks
  • Tarot Decks (Large size, specific numbers and themes)
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Healing Deck
  • Inspiration Decks
  • Teaching Decks--Reinforce any teachings to deliver through PLAY!
  • Actions Decks -- Get into Action that is in Alignment with your Mission.
  • Values and Culture-Building Decks
  • Art, Dream and Morning Page Journal Prompts
  • Game & Playing Decks
  • Mini-Cards for on-the-go interactions!

Each style has its own specifications and feel.  Perhaps you will create SEVERAL decks!  Which one will serve your clients best?

You KNOW a Deck would be Really COOL for your clients, but you haven't taken the time to create it, OR you simply don't know the first steps to creating a physical, interactive product.

I can Help You!

Let's Make This Year, YOUR Year to Create A Deck!

Meet Lorree Appleby:

A Radical Forgiveness Coach who envisioned how a card game could take a difficult topic such as healing and relationships could be made more fun and accessible.

She says, "It’s really happening after an idea and a dream to offer a fun way to connect deeply with our inner self.  If you’re wondering how a game or card deck can grow your business and make it more fun and engaging check out working with my coach, Jean Berry. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out the magic you can create!"

Deck Magic is Your OnLine GAME PLAN for Decks.

It includes my 7-Step Blueprint Strategy and TONS of marketing and resource support.
1. Clarity + Vision

Your Game Strategy & Financial Game Board + Learn the Creativity Formula

2. Creation + PlayTime!

Guided Vision Quest Visualization + Mindstorm + Creating Time

3. Deck Creation + Alpha

Refining your Deck and getting feedback. (Magic Connection to Your Ideal Clients!)

4. Marketing Plan 

Authentically align with your ideal client's energy. Start Building BUZZ + make plans for your Deck's Roll-Out!

5. Designing Your Deck

Opening Up Your Creative Process, + Getting Design Support

6. Deck Instructions, Box + Printing

Learn how to print your Deck like a PRO! Complete resources for each step.

7. Sell, Fulfill, Profit + Enjoy!

Matching Your Ideal Clients with Your Amazing programs. + Fulfillment and Aligning with Your Highest Self.

Action + Support

This all happens with support and Time to work on your Deck. We hold weekly Play/Work Times during this course so you can GET IT DONE!


You Will Also Receive my Resource Guide for Designing, Printing and Fulfillment!

Finding the services that support your business can be a difficult task!  You will get my list of providers that I have used as well as many of my game makers.

That just makes it easier!

Here's What Rachel has to say:

"Jean Berry’s Deck Magic Playshop taught me everything I needed to know to create the inspired, effective deck of my dreams.

It also taught me everything I would have overlooked. It was so thorough and thoughtful from conception to production but also the financial and business model side. I can’t recommend it enough!"

~Rachel Archelaus, Founder,

In the Deck Magic Playshop, You Will Receive:

  • Jean's 7-Step Blueprint for Planning, Creation, Marketing & Business Growth of a Physical, Interactive Product (a Card Deck!)
  • 7 Self-Study Modules.
  • Beautiful + Colorful printable PlayBOOK for you to follow along.
  • Financial Spreadsheet to dream of your BIG numbers!
  • Guided Dream Journeys to connect to heart the what the Soul of Your Deck desires.
  • PRICELESS!  My Resource Guide of Printers, Fulfillment companies and Support providers.


1-1 Call with Jean Berry, Game Inventor Mentor

30 Minute 1-1 Deck Consult Call with Jean for Clarity, Mindset Support + Strategic Game Plan. The clarity that we typically open up in this call is totally worth the price of this WHOLE COURSE!

Jean's Unique Support System

This is unlike anything else you've ever done before!

  • Align Your Deck using Jean's Signature Dream Vision-Quest Guided Visualization where you plant Dream Seeds for growing an amazing DECK!
  • Experience a walk through a colorful spreadsheet that gives you CLARITY and gives your brain CERTAINTY.  Jean's Accounting Background brings ease to your Finance & Business Plan to help you make great decisions around your business.
  • CONNECT Energetically to your Soul-Clients. We go on a second visualization journey to discover how to best 'Build BUZZ' around your Deck. MAGNETIZE and ALIGN your message.  (See what RoseAnn says about that below!)
  • Heart-of-Biz Training! Your Bonus Call aligns your business to your heart making it easier to scale and no need for Marketing FUNNELS!

Let's Talk Business Strategy

Meet RoseAnn Janzen,

Business Psychic, Intuitive Consultant & Inventor of Expanding Consciousness game at

"For me, the most challenging part of bringing anything on stream (or on line) is the marketing and promotion.

Jean Berry recognized this and created the perfect process to bring out the marketing and promotion that wants to happen through you.

As a Spirit based entrepreneur this is such a relief for me as the normal methods, while working, were not working well or feeling good to me.

With Jean’s process, the whole map of my marketing and how to do each piece rolled out effortlessly and quickly. Now I feel inspired to do each piece.

Thank you, Jean."

Each Module contains a Guided Video + Playbooks,

Each divinely designed to get you into your creative spirit! 

In each module you will experience the Angel. Peacock & Butterfly Action Plan! (developed from the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game!)

  • [ANGEL] Ask Questions, Discern, Feel Peace and Aligned with Your Higher Self.
  • [PEACOCK] Get into inspired Action, make some noise while feeling energized and excited about your next steps.
  • [BUTTERFLY] Look for Magic! Listen, Feel and Align with your Intuition. Be Supported by the Universe, Expect Awe!

Everything Jean does, she does with first listening to your intuition, and then acting on that intuition. It will ALWAYS feel aligned!


Your Investment?

Just $297

Aligned, Magical + Strategic Training (with Support!)

One Payment of


Lifetime Access to the Training

Deck Magic PlayShop

  • My 7-Step Creation Guide
  • Beautiful PlayBook
  • Mastermind + Creation Times
  • Resource Guide
  • 3 Months in the MasterClub with weekly Q + A, Work Sprints, & Community.

Full Pay Bonus: 1-1 Call with Jean

BONUS: Heart-of-Biz Training

BONUS: Game!

All the Amazingness of the MasterClub including Creation Quests, Vision Workshops, and Monthly Dream Journeys!

Check out Here!

Hi, I'm Jean, Here's a bit about me:

Jean Berry is a Game Inventor Mentor. Coaches, speakers and experts hire her to create branded games out of their unique processes to create Serious Fun & Serious Profit. Jean is passionate about helping coaches who struggle with client generation, engagement, and looking like every other coach in the market place, create fun, engaging business games that are outrageously lucrative and easy to implement.

Jean is the inventor of the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game, and coach and mentor to many game makers. 

Game development & marketing coaching clients call Jean the “Ingamenator” and say, “Her exceptional access to her creative and intuitive gifts and precision focus for manifesting in the world is a unique combination“, “Who wouldn’t do this?  It’s the easiest and most fun thing I’ve ever done in my business”, and “whatever she offers I’m in!”

Jean is a Certified Excellence Life Systems Coach, accomplished fine artist, trained energy healer and life-long student of games, dreams and miracles. In her free time, you can find her traveling the world, hanging with her kids, or practicing yoga. She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, Dale & dog, Razzle-Dazzle.

Beautiful Decks of All Types!

Amber Annette's 77 Soul Compass Cards are amazing. She packages them in a vellum bag and uses them for lead generation, gifts and deeper engagement in her group programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  Many deck creators find that they love the FOCUS, community, accountability, support, Q & A, dreaming and insights that happen in the MasterClub.

If you would like to 'Bundle' them together, check out in the MasterClub and a pop-up will give you Bundle Deal for the Deck Magic Playshop. 

CLICK HERE.  for MasterClub check out.

The course programs will be available starting immediately upon registration, and you can jump right into your first Dream Journey!

Jean's signature Guided Dream Quest Visualizations access the energy and heart of your business and deck.

We energetically connect to your ideal clients and make decisions to serve them in the best way possible with your deck.

Jean's 7-Step Strategic Game Plan Blueprint that includes Alpha testing and a great feedback loop for an amazing deck that your clients are asking for.

Resource Guide: Priceless!  You can find the support you need every step along the way.

Jean's experience in marketing and aligning your new deck to the heart of your business creates a product that is aligned with YOU and your clients.

Coming from an accounting background, Jean makes sure to include financial planning and making good financial decisions for your business in the program. In addition, you will create a PLAN for sales and marketing.  All you need to do is follow it!


Yes, this is exactly what this course is for. We will walk you step-by-step through the process and help you GET IT DONE!

In addition, we will help you make a plan for a business that can grow beyond the individual sales of a single deck, growing your business exponentially.

You can have your basic deck in as little as 10 days. If you want boxes, foiling, or other non-basic printing options, it can take 6-12 weeks.

The out-of-pocket expenses varies widely depending on the deck you create and the quantity you order.

Bottom Line:

We can produce a deck that is within your budget. And, here are some details:


There are 3 levels of design depending on your skills and desires and budget.
1. You do the design and layouts, upload to a printing company to print. (No Design cost)
2. You do the design basics, give it to a designer to pull together and do layout. (From $300-$2500 or more for elite designers)
3. You hire a designer for all parts. (From  $500- $10,000; If you want custom illustrations on your cards.)

Inside the Deck Magic Program, I help you do mostly #2 to minimize design costs. We do visualizations and creative exercises to get that done. Even if you don't think you are creative!


Some printers will print 1 deck for you.  The higher the quantity, the lower the price.  

A basic small deck of 18 cards with no box for 1 unit is $6.95 plus shipping.

A basic tarot deck of 78 cards with no box can be as little as $17 for a single order. Adding a rigid box, booklet or foiling and heavier weight can easily make that $60.

Once you get to a quantity of 50, your pricing can drop in half. 

Once you get to 500, you are able to create more competitive pricing for selling in bulk, wholesale and on retail sites. 


I am ready to create a Card Deck!

This is the Button to Click!

Meet Karen Fritz,

Business & Personal Development Expert, Author of PurposeTivity & Inventor of PATH card game at

"I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T do this.  Having a card game is the easiest and most fun business model!"

This is going to be FUN!

Once you register, You'll receive instant access to all the training modules. You can start working on them right away! 

Our Dream Imagery Journey calls are monthly and the Q & A + work/play creation sessions are weekly.

Work/play creation sessions are for your convenience and structure.  You are free to PLAY on your own schedule. (You can even work/play at the beach!)

I can't wait to create with you!

Jean "Ingamenator" Berry


Now is the Time! Let's Do This Together!


Do you have questions?

I am here to support you!  Please shoot me and my team an email at [email protected] We will help you choose the right options for you!


Go ahead and book on my calendar.

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