Your Business is Speaking to You Through Universal Pulse. 

Breathe the Energy.

Let Go, Let the Universe Work Through You . . .


Dream Imagery Journey + Game Board

Hosted by Jean Berry

Let's Journey Together

Build Your Soul's Compass Imagery Map

Discover your personal archetypal images that give you the ability to decode what the Universe is telling you.

✨Access answers about your next steps in business instantly
as Jean takes you through a unique and intuitive guided visualization!

💙You will create your own business game board and plan 💙
that you can use time and again to get clarity for your next direction! 

As you are led through Jean’s signature ⭐️Dream Imagery Technique⭐️
you will be transported on a mind, body and soul level and connect with your business on a whole new level!

Nourish Your Business + Vision

and Embody the Four Directions of your Entrepreneurial Journey. This is your invitation into an energetic activation portal to your Business Dreams!

"This was AMAZING! The Dream Journey map has unfolded for me with it's wisdom and magic rolling out over the last 2 years. I'm blown away. "

Amber Annette
Business Psychic,

""So- just want to share my experience with this meditation so far. I was too excited to finish the whole thing!! First - this came up in my news feeds. I don’t usually click on these because I’m choosey and I do this work too AND I am very very busy. I also read energy. Open your third eye and be open to an amazing experience for you--you are in for a surprise!! This woman’s energy is amazing and don’t let me stop there, soooo powerful. I do not come in contact with this strength in energy often so when I say wow!!! I truly mean it!! I do not know her just saw her ad. I’m so grateful to have listened to my first instinct for sure!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy with us!!""

New Journeyer, from FaceBook Ad

"I went on a journey with Jean Berry today and it was amazingly insightful! She is a gifted woman at guiding you to your answers within in a fun and playful way. Thank you Jean for sharing your gifts with me. "

Lori Lamont
Female Empowerment EFT, Advanced EFT Practitioner

⚡️ MAGIC! ⚡️

This Journey opens up the Soul of your Business to clear guidance, next level ideas and inspiration in a way that seems MAGICAL! Yet, it's accessing your deepest connection to answers and alignment. 

Embracing ALL of you, we align you to your North Star.

Feel inspired, clear and energetically aligned to your business and vision!

Connect on a soul level to your business’ highest potential and see the big vision the Universe is holding for you.

This is cosmic 🌎 business strategy done on a whole new level!!!

The Game's On! Let's Open Up Your Next Level Business

Meet Your Guide, Jean Berry

Jean is an experienced dream leader and creative explorer.  She is an inventor, game inventor mentor, international speaker, intuitive artist, healer and spiritual guide.

Coaches, speakers and consultants hire her to create branded games out of their unique processes to create Serious Fun & Serious Profit.

As a Certified Excellence Life Systems Coach, accomplished fine artist, trained energy healer and life-long student of games, art and miracles, she guides her clients to become experts in their fields, attract their ideal clients & have more fun & make more money.

Bottom line….Jean grows coaching businesses using FUN and Creativity.

She Lives in Austin TX with her husband, Dale & dog, Razzle-Dazzle.

I can't wait to see you there!


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