Creation Quest:

Your Personal Oracle Card Deck

A 5-Day Quest to Create a Personal Oracle Deck for Clarity, Connection and (of course!) with FUN!

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LIVE Event Coming soon: February 17-22

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February 17-22, 2022









Hey there Magic Maker,

I see you, and I know that you are a creative, fun & playful business owner. 

Are You Ready for a QUEST?

Perhaps the world is getting to you right now, or you are feeling bored, a little overwhelmed or confused with what to take inspired and creative action on next! OR, Maybe you simply don't take time to do the fun and creative things that had you get into business in the first place!

Let me ask you a question…

What if you took some time each day for 5 days and opened up your creativity center and you created a work of fun and art resulting in a personal oracle card deck?  A deck that could give you unique, tailored and specific guidance with each card...because it's YOUR imagery!

If that calls to you and ignites your entrepreneurial spirit, this QUEST has been designed for you!

A Deck to serve your Clarity, Business and Life.

Your 5-Day Quest:

To create your very own Personal Dream Imagery Oracle deck! 

Each card divinely designed with your magical archetypes from the Universe for your best answers, clarity and highest potential!

Use this 5-Day Quest: the Personal Oracle Creation Kit to create your own personal work of art that will open up clarity, get you answers and into your joy-zone of certainty in action.

  • Align with Your Highest and Best Self,
  • Create from the Heart,
  • Ignite your joy, connect with your muse and invigorate your creative genius!

You can Paint, Draw, Color, Collage, Digital painting and more!

Your Personal Oracle Card Creation Kit & Quest is split into 5 Missions:

Clarity & Vision for your Oracle Deck
Your Magic Archetypes (These are your secret signs + symbols from the Universe)
Personal Oracle Deck Creation

Art Studio time to CREATE!

Divination + Dream Imagery Decoding
I Want to Join the Creation Quest!

On the 5th Day of our Quest together, we will practice your Divination and Decoding, learn how to ask GREAT Questions and share our new Wisdom Together!

Each Mission contains a Guided Video and Playsheets, divinely designed to get you into your creative spirit! 

In each mission you will experience the Angel. Peacock & Butterfly Action Plan! (developed from the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game!)

  • [ANGEL] Ask Questions, Discern, Feel Peace and Aligned with Your Higher Self.
  • [PEACOCK] Get into inspired Action, make some noise while feeling energized and excited about your next steps.
  • [BUTTERFLY] Look for Magic! Listen, Feel and Align with your Intuition. Be Supported by the Universe, Expect Awe!

Your Investment?

Happy ⭐️ Angel Offering of $111


Hi, I'm Jean:

Jean Berry is a creative explorer.  Her clients call her a Game Inventor Mentor. She is an Intuitive Biz Coach, International Speaker, Intuitive Artist, Healer and Dream Guide. Coaches, speakers and consultants hire her to create branded games out of their unique processes to create Serious Fun & Serious Profit.

As a Certified Excellence Life Systems Coach, accomplished fine artist, trained energy healer and life-long student of games, art and miracles, she guides her clients to become experts in their fields, attract their ideal clients & have more fun & make more money.

Bottom line….Jean grows coaching businesses using FUN and Creativity.

She Lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, Dale & dog, Razzle-Dazzle.

"I signed up for Jean Berry's 5 day personal oracle deck challenge because I wanted to have a bit of fun and gain insight into some areas for myself. I really love the results and how my personal oracle deck turned out. It has provided me deep clarity, inspiration, and revived my commitment to a project dear to my heart. "

Monica Kenton
Dream Teacher + Spiritual Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

We start the day you register.  Occasionally I run the Quest live (and you will have access to that too! I'll let you know when it's coming live.)

When it's live, we start on a Thursday morning, that gives you the weekend for your BIG creative shifts! Schedule your time whenever you want to get started! 

Your program will start right away! (each day delivered in your portal.)

The last day is Monday. We will finish with a fun celebration and deck showing.

I'll also announce information about Deck Magic Playshop for professional decks that is inside the Dreams-In-Action MasterClub at the end!

Next LIVE Event Announced: 02/17/22- 2/22/22

No worries, all the quest videos, trainings and worksheets are housed in your personal portal, so you can access them anytime. 

Take it at your own speed!

The actions each day are simple, but profound. Each day, the videos are 10-17 minutes long, and a worksheet to fill out.

The actual creating of your deck will take the most time.  We do that on Saturday, Day 3. I don't want to limit your creative flow!

I've seen people complete that in as little as an hour, and some like to hang out in glitter and glue all day.  Set your time according to your creating personality. 

You can find the live recordings for the silent work/play time from the past live events. But, you do NOT need to be there live to get all the benefits from this course!  This time is simply a 'marker time' for those who like some structure around getting stuff done!

When it's live, I have done daily FB Live calls during each of the days.  You can find those calls in the FB group. All materials will be available each day at 7:00(am) Central Time.


Here is a list of supplies desired/needed/recommended: 

Card Stock:

  • Print the blank card deck on card stock, OR use 4 x 6 index cards

Multi-Media Support (if desired):

  • Camera (I like using the one in my phone)
  • Canva App or desktop version (or other editing software)

 Art Supplies desired (the ones the call to you!) such as:

  • Crayons
  • Pens
  • Pastels
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Paint: Acrylic or Watercolor
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water to clean brushes
  • Magazines for Collaging
  • Glue
  • Glitter

 Using Past Artwork:

  • Old Art Journals or Dream Journals
  • Morning Pages
  • Daily Journals
  • Vision Boards you have already completed

Unfortunately no. But my Deck Magic Playshop + Resource Center Course does! I'll be sharing more information about this following the Creation Quest!

Of course, the work we do on your Personal Oracle Deck will transfer directly to your professional deck!

I am ready to create my Personal Oracle Card Deck!

It's time to create and get clear! Join now. 😃

"I really enjoyed creating the cards (after I chilled out and just started to play) and was surprised by the simplicity and clarity from the card draw. It's just so easy."

Dawn Andrews
CEO & Founder at Free Range Thinking

This is going to be FUN!

Think of it as a Professional PlayDate!

Once you register, I'll send you our private FaceBook group link and timeline.  I'll also send you some happy mini-quests while you wait for our Creation Quest to start!

In the meantime, I can't wait to meet you and learn about the amazingness you are putting out in the world.  In addition, you can come and join my Game-Changer's Facebook group where we discuss all things fun, games, business, alignment and JOY!

See you there!

Jean "Ingamenator" Berry



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