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Visionary, Creative & Successful entrepreneurs KNOW that Play, Collaboration, and Accountability TRANSFORMS THEIR BUSINESS!  BE That Business.

Let's Make 2018 Your Year of Miracles


You want your business to GROW, you want to make Money, AND you want to have fun, ease and time open up.

What would happen a year from now if you had a full calendar of clients, had all your business systems in place, had that book written or maybe figured out how to take more days OFF?

The Playground is a BIZ+PLAY Collaboration Club can cause all that!  Have you ever woken up in the morning or sat down to work and were in a TOTAL funk? Nothing flows, you're tired, unsure and not clear about what will REALLY make a difference for your business? You keep working and adding new projects, new webpages, more social media, jumping on every idea that might be the thing to make the difference? But all you end up is overwhelmed, paralyzed in thought or even depressed. 

I KNOW! Because I've BEEN THERE. . . and I've made it my purpose to help entrepreneurs turn it around in the EASIEST way possible!


3 Steps: 1. Listen Deeply & Clearly to your Intuition, 2. Get Into Action on that Guidance 3. Have a system in place that 'has your back'.

Open Intuition

Listen Deeply & Clearly to your Intuition in a way that has you KNOW and TRUST it's guidance.

Get Into Action

Take Action on the Guidance that has you open up the support of the Universe.


Have a system in place that 'Has Your Back'. Create Accountability, Community, FUN and Ease with a Community that supports your biggest and best RESULTS!

Why is This so HARD?


  • First, Systems are not what Creative/Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs focus on first.
  • Daily Practices don't sound fun.
  • Many Business Owners feel alone & isolated when it comes to getting feedback & support on what they are creating. (Getting them 'stuck in their heads'.)
  • In addition, with so many business needs pulling us in every direction, we get overwhelmed and tired and we don't make consistent progress on tasks and systems that MAKE MONEY $$$$!

Can I Help you Solve These Challenges and make it EASIER?

I love my business and I love collaborating with amazing entrepreneurs. I also love my life, having balance, spending time with my family, traveling, playing and painting....in other words, I love to TAKE TIME OFF! 

So when I'm working, I really am looking for the easiest and most efficient path to success, riches, fun, you name it. 

AND I've discovered the SECRET FORMULA!

The Truth is, you can MOVE MOUNTAINS in just 15 minutes a day!

So What is the Playground?

It's 15 Minutes a Day, Game + FANTABULOUS Support

You'll be using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game to Grow your Own Business, or maybe you will be using it to Develop Your own Branded Game. When playing the game with the Collaboration Club, it happens FASTER, MORE EFFICIENTLY and WITH EASE.

In short, you will start to attract MAGIC & MIRACLES in your business. Your friends will start calling you the luckiest person they know! But you know, it’s a result of doing the right things at the right time….where preparation meets opportunity!

Together we create success through:

  • Deep Connection to YOUR Intuition
  • Consistent & Inspired Action
  • Group Connection & Daily Coaching
  • Virtual Pool Parties---Hang out with me virtually at my pool and do a power hour of focused work in a collaborative fun way.
  • Daily Encouragement & Support

Here's the Deal . . .

Miracles Happen when you consistently play the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game; see what these Game Players have to say:

"PLAY EVERY DAY. When I pay attention to the Chakra card coming up and do my actions, there is movement in my business and personally. Getting into action is the key! The Angel, Peacock & Butterfly game makes it fun and easy to make miracles happen in my business. "

Lisa Bouta
Relationship Coach LoveinLaughter.com

"Using the Angels, Peacock & Butterfly Game to create Money & Miracles is a habit that is quite simple and wonderfully enjoyable! When I play regularly and follow through, amazing things show up in my business; support, clients, speaking opportunities, whatever I need is provided! It's always right on! One week, I was crazy busy, the cards I drew that day and the insights I received told me to rest. It was a hug for my HEART! Play the game--Daily. You will hug me for it!"

Meshell Baker
The Congruency Catalyst at MeshellrBaker.com

"What I LOVE about the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game is that it is simple, and fun to do. It simply builds a positive habit, especially if you are not in the habit of connecting with your intuition. It is great to be able to put into categories and understand how my intuition is guiding me to do things and how they match up with the cards. It is lovely to see the themes that emerge toward the end of each of the 25 days. I believe that miracles happen every day that we don't pay attention to. Playing the game helps us focus on paying attention to those miracles, which creates even more!"

Elena Estanol
High Performance Psychologist & Intuitive Business Mentor IntuitiveBusinessMastery.com

Not Everyone gets those RESULTS . . .

because, quite frankly, their daily practice is sporadic. Is this you? You know who you are….you have great intentions, but something always derails your best plans. You get confused, overwhelmed, depressed from lack of results or just plain busy because you are doing EVERYTHING!

Rebecca's Story

"Before working with Jean and using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game, I lost days of productivity and focus that spanned into weeks and then months. I had a hard time getting stuff done and was always working into the night and on weekends. NOW I take off Fridays, rarely work evenings, and have more time with my family and things I REALLY want to do, all while maintaining and growing my sales volume!"

~Rebecca Metz, WebPagesThatSell.com

Here's How it Works

You will be placed on a team. At the beginning of each month, you will log into the Community and create your intention statement with one goal that if achieved would cause a ripple of miracles to happen in your business. Each Day you:

Play the Game

This takes 5 minutes. Draw the cards from each deck, fill out your Journal Card, and Listen/Feel/Sense your Intuition and inspired actions.

Then Schedule Your Inspired Task for the Day. (This is what makes Miracles happen!)

Check In

Enter your Community Site and fill in your game results. What was your inspired task is and what happened yesterday. This is the opportunity to do your Happy Dance, Celebrate, and acknowledge what Miracles showed up!

A Checkmark appears on your day.

Give & Receive Support

Go into the forum where you get and give support and participate in conversations.  Then post on your team mate's pages encouragements and love! This helps and supports your team. (AND it's AMAZING for your Miracle-Making through the Law of Attraction!)

Being in this High-Vibe Environment feeds everyone and LIFTS EVERYONE's Miracle-Making Ability.

That's It!

Streamlined . . . FUN . . . Play . . . Support . . . Ease

During the day, do your inspired miracle task. (There’s actually a science to this! Set your alarm for 5-15 minutes and DO IT!) We will train you all about how this really rewires your brain.

Then Do it Again Tomorrow.

Best Part….No getting lost in FB groups, distracted by emails or jumping through hoops to learn a complicated system.

Are you Ready to Join the Biz+Play Collaboration Team? (and Get the RESULTS you CRAVE?)

Here's the MAGIC

(You Wanted Magic, Right?)

We HAVE YOUR BACK. (Do you Desire Support?)
Have you ever wondered how you were going to make a decision or how you could get all this stuff done, or why you’re in business anyway if it’s going to be this hard?
We KNOW! ‘cuz we’ve been there, and what we’ve discovered is the MAGIC that makes things happen.

Remember the Saying 1 + 1 = 11?

That’s what happens in the Club; we are actually better together!

We support you in the way YOU want to be supported.

Do you like to talk things out?
Pop on one of our open coaching calls.

Do you just need someone’s opinion?
Post in the forum for input.

Do you want someone to pat you on the back and celebrate with you?

Post what you need, and it magically shows up.

Need Resources? We know coaches, consultants and support staff that can help with EVERYTHING!
Plug into this system and have the structure you need, the support you desire and the fun you crave.

NOW you can get the consistency that causes miracles to happen every day. This system will show you how your soul’s guidance or intuition is working for you and you will start trusting it in a bigger way because you are getting VALIDATION that it works.

"Since I started working in the club AND playing the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game, in just 10 weeks, I have $250,000 in new business proposals and $40,000 sold. All from being consistent with my practice and taking the inspired action in 15 minutes a day. "

SuperJulie Braun
Owner, Super Interns

We'd LOVE for you to join us!


Are you ready to join us and start making miracles happen in your life and biz?

This is for you if you:

  • Want to work in way that's 100% YOU. Soul-Aligned, Intuitive and delivers more joy and ease.
  • Are looking to be part of a truly special and unique community.
  • Are motivated and have been craving helpful structure and accountability.
  • Are coachable, willing to try new things, and receive feedback.
  • Enjoy sharing with others; you are a giver, as well as a receiver.
  • Are ready to listen to your intuition and learn to take action on that inspiration to finally get the results you seek.
  • Trust the 10-15 minutes per day you spend in the Clubs will come back to you 1000-fold: money, time, energy, resources, connections, friendship, goals, dreams fulfilled and YES, MIRACLES!

What Could Your Business look like 1 year from now when you have both FUN and RESULTS in your Business? 

Your 6-Month (24 week) Membership in the Playground Includes:

Playground Coaches with Daily Online Coaching

6 Months of Coaching, Love, Accountability & Encouragement because planting the seeds for Miracles to happen is a Daily Practice that requires cultivation, a little patience and LOVE!

In the Playground you receive:

  • Business Coaching: branding, online and offline marketing, content strategy, product and service development, online course and group launches, and more.
  • Intuition & Success Coaching: mindset, time management, goal achievement, productivity, breaking through procrastination, and successful work habits and practices.

Your 'Play Mates' and Online Team

You will be placed with a team of approximately 6-12 business peers. The diversity of people make the Club fun and interesting. Plus the skills, talents, perspectives, networks, and resources each person brings to the community add a ton of value. These 'playmates' will be cheering you on and lending their insights and support, and you will do the same for them! 

Monthly Decoding & Themes Calls

These are Zoom Conference Calls where we walk through your game draws from the month and find the bigger themes, actions and insights from your game.

This allows you to make progress faster and with more clarity and ease.

These are held on the last Thursday of the Session at 2:00 (ET)

Personal & Team Dashboard

The online Club platform is user-friendly (even for the tech-challenged) and includes:

  • Team Progress Grid (shown): get a checkmark each time you check in.
  • Daily Coaching Questions: log your progress and share your wins and challenges.
  • Coaching Comments: get feedback and support from your coach and 'playmates'.
  • Profiles and Goals: post your bio, goals, and contact information (if you wish).
  • Forums: a place to ask questions, start conversations, and share resources
  • Graphs: give you a visual on your progress and productivity. (for the left-brained...others can color them!)
  • Wiki: a community-wide resource of member-contributed helpful information.
  • Chat: see who is online and live chat or send messages.
  • Training Area: our call recordings and content are accessed through this link.

Virtual Pool Parties

This is a POWER Hour at the pool with me to GET Stuff Done! They are designed to do the things that are most productive for your day with support.

At the end of the call, we all share what we got done and celebrate!

This is also an opportunity to meet other members of the Club and set times to discuss joint ventures, ideas, and how we can support and refer each other!

These are held on the 2nd Thursday of the session at 2:00 (ET)

We also host monthly PLAY & CREATIVITY Pool Parties to open up the FUN in your business.

Quarterly Master Classes

These classes are on the deeper issues and mindset shifts that have miracles show up easier and faster. In addition, we will be training on Game Development and production as well as Business Support. You will help direct this content as we deliver what you WANT and NEED in your business.

Master Classes are then housed in your Playground training area link and you may review them anytime (or if you are unable to join live, Club members also have access to the replays!)

Daily Inspirations & Reminders

All good habits require “triggers” that create a cause-and-effect. Our Daily Inspiration emails remind you to "Play the Game" every day. They only take 10 seconds to read, but they are powerful!

Cool Add-Ons and Options

If you are focused on Game Development or Need Some Extra One-on-One Support, Add:

  • 1/2 Day Personal Virtual Retreat for Creative Game Development.
  • 2 Day Live Retreat in Austin, TX for digging deeply into your Game, your Brand and Spiritual/Play Alignment.
  • One-to-One Coaching.

Email Jean Directly for more information on these options. [email protected]

That's not all! Here's some COOL BONUSES!

Because I LOVE presents, here is Happy, Fun Goodness I know you will find exciting!

Bonus # 1

3 Games to Keep or Gift

Value: $139

Do you have friends who are coaches or entrepreneurs? Wouldn't it be fun if you already had some gifts for your soulful, ambitious, happy entrepreneur friends for fun or a special occasion?

You will be mailed:

3 Angels, Peacocks & Butterfly Games to use for yourself or as a GIFT!

(This is actually a little selfish for you....because when you have friends who are also playing and 'upleveling' their businesses, your business and belief grows too!)

You will receive the games within 14 days of registration.

Bonus #2

Sustainable Success System Course

The Sustainable Success System™ is a short course created by Michelle Demers of GetItDoneClubs.com, teaching systems and methods for breaking through procrastination, multi-tasking, and other time wasters and replacing them with high productivity success techniques to achieve your goals in 15 minutes per day.

These are the practical steps to implement the daily practice of playing the game, taking action on your intuitively guided steps, and making miracles.

As a bonus, Michelle is also including her 7 Steps Business Blueprint that walks you through the steps in your business, so you are doing the right things in the right order, eliminating confusion and overwhelm in your business, and laying out a step-by-step plan to follow. This will lighten your load immensely and give you the clarity and focus you need to make real progress.

Bonus # 3

Soul Advisor Guidance System

Online Course

Value: $397

This is my most LOVED course. Learn to Relax to a Deep level where you become a Creator. Meet your Soul Advisors and form a Round Table of support. Validate your Soul Advisor's Guidance through a very cool scientific experiment. Meet four guides to challenge you and eliminate all resistance to meeting your BIG goals.

In the 6 Modules you will :

  • Meet your Soul's Advisory Guides through a fun and interactive Guide Casting Exercise.
  • Learn to relax to a deeper level to be in "Creation State".  
  • Ask Powerful Questions that answer your deepest inquiries.
  • Validate your Soul's Guidances using a Scientific Experiment that will have you knowing that your guidance is right for you.
  • Then, meet 4 guides that will challenge you and eliminate all resistance to your positive outcomes.
  • Lastly, put it all to work by asking powerful questions and getting even more powerful answers.  

When you get to work on your Soul's Guidance, Miracles start to happen!  

Your first module of the 6-week self-study program will be delivered to you immediately upon registration.  Each week, a new module will be delivered to support your Soul Advisory Guidance process.


Our Biz+Play Playground supports projects that cause World Peace

From the hub of the Blessings & Peace Project, we support projects that encourage success, creativity, love and yes, WORLD Peace! Just one more way, we give back to the world and encourage Biz+Play on the planet. And because you are part of community you'll be giving back too!

"You Have to Participate Relentlessly in the Manifestation of Your Own Blessings" ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Investment for more PLAY, MIRACLES & RESULTS!

I know you are wondering how much this is. I'm excited that we can make this so affordable for any size business budget. We are committed to RESULTS in your life and business!

The Playground: Biz+Play Collaboration Club


Every 4 weeks for 6 months (24 weeks); recurring

 6 Months of Miracles (24 weeks) Plus 3 Bonuses

Total 6-Month Value including Bonuses: $2,521


Pick Me!

The Playground: Biz+Play Collaboration


One Payment every 24 weeks recurring

 6 Months of Miracles (24 weeks) Plus 3 Bonuses

Total 6-Month Value including Bonuses: $2,521

Save $90 over monthly pay.

Pick Me!

The Next Session STARTS Monday, May 21

Registration Closes Wednesday, May 16 at Midnight (CT) so we can get it all set up and ready for a start on Monday! Meet & Greet Call with be held at 3:00 (CT) on Monday, April 23. (All calls are recorded.)

Still Have Questions? I have ANSWERS!

If you have questions, are wondering if this is right for you, are a verbal processor, or just want to talk to me and make sure I'm real before you make a decision, Please BOOK YOURSELF on my calendar here!


if you have a quick question, email me at [email protected]


I host a couple Play Dates each month where you can experience PLAY and some of the things we do in the Club.

Sign Up to Join a PlayDate Call HERE.

This is my Calendar Link
Join a Play Date HERE

Who are the Trainers in the Club?

  • Jean Berry, Creative Explorer at JeanBerryPresents.com. Jean is an International Speaker, Branded Game Developer, & Intuitive Artist. 
  • Astrid Mueller, Chief Unicorn and Magic Maker at AstridMueller.com

Who are the Coaches in the Club?

  • Michelle Demers, Founder of Coworking Clubs
  • Certified Facilitators of the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game
  • Trained Coaches in the science of getting stuff done.

(Want to be a coach? Contact Jean @ [email protected])

Refunds, Cancellations & Guarantees

How to Make this Work FABULOUSLY for YOU!

6 Month Rolling Sessions.  Entrepreneurs love the club and stick with it for years. So like renting a coworking space or a gym membership, our sessions continuously roll without interruption. Your membership will be active until you cancel. You can cancel anytime, and we’ll cancel your membership when the current 6-Month session ends.

Cancel in Your First 7 Days of the Session. [first-time, new members only]. If you fully participate in the first 7 days (check-in a minimum of 4 times per week), and you feel the Club is not for you, then notify us in writing before the end of Day 7, and we will terminate your membership immediately. You will keep the bonuses and games and owe nothing more than the first payment that you already made.

Cancel Anytime. Notify us in writing, and we’ll cancel your membership at the end of the current 6 month session. Any payments for the current session are still due, and you can fully participate through that session.  We will stop payments for future sessions. We do not refund current or past sessions.

If you pre-paid for future sessions, we’ll give you a pro-rated refund based on the 6 month session.

Freeze. You can freeze your membership and keep your current rate for a small monthly fee. Our freeze terms and fees are subject to change. If you cancel and rejoin, you’ll be subject to the prevailing rates at that the time you rejoin.

Transfers. We currently do not offer the option to transfer your membership to another person.

Missed or Late Payments. Subject to a $25 administrative fee.


We, and your team, invest a lot of time and energy in your success. But you are the only one who can take daily action to make your goals and habits happen. Therefore, your success is entirely in your hands. We guarantee that you will get out as much, or more, than you put into the experience. We guarantee that we will do our part to help you succeed! Thousands of people over the last 10 years, who fully participated, have had great results with the same process we use.

The Playground Biz+Play Collaboration Club is an amazing experience! We look forward to having you.

FAQs & Play Date Demo Sessions

You can access the FAQ's link here, or in the footer below. That should answer some of your questions! If not, schedule a time with me (link is above!) or join a Play Date. Lots of ways to connect and get your questions answered.


Link to FAQ Page

Play Dates

I hold Play Dates to give you a chance to experience some of what we do in the Playground. If you would like to come to a Play Date, please PICK ONE HERE.


We Invite you to Join Our Success Party!

Now is the time to make things happen!  What will your next year look like? Make more money? Work Less in your Business? Create something magical, a book a product, a game?What is possible by adding some fun and community into your business? We'd LOVE to explore that with you!

You can Do It! Let's Make 2018 Your Year of Miracles! Click HERE!

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