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Certified Facilitator Training for the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game

Visionary, Creative & Successful entrepreneurs KNOW that Intuition, Play, and Action TRANSFORMS THEIR BUSINESS! LEARN to BE That Business and Share it with Your Clients.

Let's make the Next 12 Months Your Year of Miracles!

Open Your INTUITION, Get CLARITY, Get STUFF DONE, PLAY, and YES, Co-Create MIRACLES with YOUR clients!

You want your business to GROW, you want to make Money, AND you want to have fun, ease and time open up.

What would happen a year from now if you had a full calendar of clients who were engaged, LOVE you and want MORE of what you have to offer?

Using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game in your business and with your clients can cause all that!  Have you ever woken up in the morning or sat down to work and were in a TOTAL funk? Nothing flows, you're tired, unsure and not clear about what will REALLY make a difference for your business? You keep working and adding new projects, new webpages, more social media, jumping on every idea that might be the thing to make the difference? But all you end up is overwhelmed, paralyzed in thought or even depressed. Yet you know you are driven by the greatness of human potential. You want to help people see themselves in the divine way that you do. And you’ve devoted your work to seeing people grow and helping them live into their highest purpose. 

I KNOW! Because I've BEEN THERE. This disconnect between truly helping clients and having FUN and EASE . . and I've made it my purpose to help entrepreneurs turn that all around in the EASIEST way possible!


MAKE the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game a Part of Your System. Then Train Your Clients to do the Same. Just do these 3 things: 1. Listen Deeply & Clearly to Intuition, 2. Get Into Action on that Guidance 3. Have additional support available that aligns with your business & skills.

Pull the Joy Card!

Open Intuition

Listen Deeply & Clearly to Intuition in a way that has your clients

KNOW and TRUST it's guidance.

Get Into Action

Take Inspired and Focused Action on Your Guidance in a way that opens up the support of the Universe.

Miracles start to FLOW in!


Provide Clients with YOUR Expertise and Coaching, and Accelerate their Results the Angels, Peacocks and Butterflies Game.

What's This Game and how does it work?

You might wonder how a game could help you achieve more clients with better results, so let me tell you the story of why I went to the trouble of creating it.

It started with my best friend, Lynn. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and when she was in her second round of treatment she decided to look at what else was out there, what other choices were there for healing. 

So together we went on a journey to figure out who heals and why. (Basically asking, Who gets a Miracle?)

We went to sit with gurus in the desert, she went to China, I went to Kauai and we kept trying to discover the answer or at least a find a pattern.



At the same time, I was in art school shifting my perception of what reality is.

Everything seemed to come together there, the healing, miracles and the nature of reality. I realized what is truly important: how you find your passion and how you actually get into action on it. That is what creates miracles.

The idea of the Daily Practice is what emerged out of that: Asking your heart or higher source for guidance and following through with inspired action. That allows the Universe to align things and miracles to happen on your behalf.

If you believe that there is someone or something that has the highest answers for you then it becomes a quest

to get clearer and clearer communications. Because it's way more efficient to go ask than to bumble through and try to figure it out on your own. 
This frees up time for you to actually do your highest calling in the world. 

When you think you have to wait for a sign or wait for clarity, you’re doing things backward.

Ask your Soul’s Guidance and go.

This is step one for entrepreneurs who are building a business. Get connected, get clear; talk to your guidance and you're done.

The problem is that we forget to use this wisdom!

That's Where the Game Comes In . . .

The Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles game is that achievement/acceleration edge for you and your clients!

When I put some structure around all the things I learned about daily success and alignment whilte adding some fun and some whimsy, the game I created SHIFTS businesses in a profound way.

As a facilitator you will be using and teaching the game as a way to get the step done of hearing and acting on guidance. It takes players less than ten minutes a day and sets you and your client up for success. The clarity alone will save you both countless hours. And the clear action plan you get from it will make moving forward inevitable. Now there is more time to be living out your purpose work and less time worrying about making the right decision.

This game keeps your clients in the “zone” of listening to their soul’s guidance and taking action, so they are more successful between coaching appointments with you (and they will LOVE you even more than they do now!)

How Will the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game Grow My Business?

Coaches, Business Owners, Real Estate professionals, HR departments, Network Marketing Professionals, Teams, all grow using the Game!

  • Insights & Intuition comes easier.
  • Clients Stay Engaged between sessions and Get Stuff Done!
  • Builds a Culture of Results.
  • Miracles & Synchronicities start to show up on a regular basis.
  • You make $$ from game sales and workshops.
  • You are the ROCK STAR who helped your team and clients get there.

When you add Fun, Joy, Community, Competition, or Meditation, it Raises your Client’s Vibration.

Higher Vibration makes your Whole Business and Life Work Better

The SWEET By-Product of Being a Facilitator

is it lifts your own daily practice, business and co-creation of miracles to the next level!

What are you creating? What is your LIFESTYLE BUSINESS?

You will be part of a community that supports your vision and helps you with the parts of your business that are moving up a step!

Don’t have clients yet? Becoming a game facilitator can be a stepping stone so you’re making money as you’re figuring out what you want your passion work to look like. We support you in growing your business. Want speaking engagements, or using this work one on one? We will even show you how to get your first clients.

Here's the Deal . . .

Miracles Happen when you consistently play the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies Game; see what these Game Players have to say:

"PLAY EVERY DAY. When I pay attention to the Chakra card coming up and do my actions, there is movement in my business and personally. Getting into action is the key! The Angel, Peacock & Butterfly game makes it fun and easy to make miracles happen in my business. "

Lisa Bouta
Relationship Coach LoveinLaughter.com

"Using the Angels, Peacock & Butterfly Game to create Money & Miracles is a habit that is quite simple and wonderfully enjoyable! When I play regularly and follow through, amazing things show up in my business; support, clients, speaking opportunities, whatever I need is provided! It's always right on! One week, I was crazy busy, the cards I drew that day and the insights I received told me to rest. It was a hug for my HEART! Play the game--Daily. You will hug me for it!"

Meshell Baker
The Congruency Catalyst at MeshellrBaker.com

"What I LOVE about the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game is that it is simple, and fun to do. It simply builds a positive habit, especially if you are not in the habit of connecting with your intuition. It is great to be able to put into categories and understand how my intuition is guiding me to do things and how they match up with the cards. It is lovely to see the themes that emerge toward the end of each of the 25 days. I believe that miracles happen every day that we don't pay attention to. Playing the game helps us focus on paying attention to those miracles, which creates even more!"

Elena Estanol
High Performance Psychologist & Intuitive Business Mentor IntuitiveBusinessMastery.com

Not Everyone gets those RESULTS . . .

because, quite frankly, their daily practice of listening to Intuition, and getting into INSPIRED ACTION is sporadic. This is where YOU CAN HELP AS A FACILITATOR! You know your clients . . . they have great intentions, but something always derails their best plans. Confusion, overwhelm, depression from lack of results sets in and they disappear and no show on appointments. You can STOP that!

Rebecca's Story

"Before working with Jean and using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game, I lost days of productivity and focus that spanned into weeks and then months. I had a hard time getting stuff done and was always working into the night and on weekends. NOW I take off Fridays, rarely work evenings, and have more time with my family and things I REALLY want to do, all while maintaining and growing my sales volume!"

~Rebecca Metz, WebPagesThatSell.com

Get Connected, Learn to Play, Learn to Teach!

Here are the steps the program will walk you through:

Connect Powerfully to Your Soul’s Guidance.

Your Soul longs to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. We will set Authentic Intentions that uncover your BIG why and eliminate resistance to having your miracle business. Resistance is natural, and we will create a path around it.

Learn how to Play the Game.

The Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game has both basic play and the deeper levels of the cards and game. You’ll learn how to access the wisdom from the cards.

Create Your Unique Offering with the Game.

When we combine the deep wisdom and guidance from the game with your Soul’s work, we will create a unique connection that only you can provide to your clients. You will get clear on how this will work for you and your business.

Learn how to Get Your First Clients for the game.

Through your unique offering, we will craft a system that feels great for you to get clients. Even if you are afraid of this step, everyone can sell a game.

Learn how to Teach both Game play and the Miracle Formula Workshop.

The Miracle Formula explains why the game works and why your clients need it to create miracles in their own business. We have had great results in game sales and sticking with the game when they first understand the Miracle Formula.

Facilitate Group Game programs.

Learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of group facilitation. When you have the basic leadership skills and preparation, you will be a great group leader!

Build Confidence & Get Support.

Every new offer needs some testing. You will be able to test out your trial run and get feedback from others and  yourself. The results show where you need better alignment. Doing this will help you feel more confident in this work and appear effortless and authentic to others. As you take this out to your audience, the group support you receive throughout the year will continue to support your efforts!

Once you have finished all the modules,

Getting into action is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

This game allows you to get wisdom and advice from your highest source of Soul’s Guidance so you can be confident that you’re following through on what really matters. Your purpose deserves to fill your day, not worry, doubt and confusion. Your clients will love you for this and their results will be amplified because of the focus this game creates.

Are you Ready to be a Game Facilitator?

(and Have more FUN and EASE in your Business?)

Here's the MAGIC

(You Wanted Magic, Right?)

We HAVE YOUR BACK. (Do you Desire Support?)
Have you ever wondered how you were going to make a decision, get feedback on a name choice or marketing method, or how you could get all this stuff done? 

We KNOW! ‘cuz we’ve been there, and what we’ve discovered is the MAGIC that makes things happen.

Remember the Saying 1 + 1 = 11?

That’s what happens as Facilitators.

We support you in making REAL progress in your Business using the Game. 

Plug into this system and have the structure you need, the support you desire and the fun you crave.

You can COMMIT to YOURSELF to get the consistency that gets your game done and causes miracles to happen every day because you know we  have your back. Being a Facilitator shows you how your soul’s guidance or intuition is working for you and you will start trusting it in a bigger way because you are getting VALIDATION that it works. So you are doing the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time to produce and sell games, workshops and your business products and coaching.

"In the Facilitator Training program, I deepened my spiritual connection and got clear, inspired actions to take. I found ways to grow my business that were easy and playful. I literally had magic and miracles happen every day. "

Astrid Mueller

Listen to Astrid's Message

Astrid is a Certified Facilitator, here's her story:


Is Being a Certified Facilitator Right for You?

Are you ready to join us, help your clients at a DEEPER level, support your Business Goals and add FUN, Soul-Alignment, & a PLAN to MAKE MONEY?

This is for you if you:

  • Want to work in way that's 100% YOU. Soul-Aligned, Intuitive and delivers more joy and ease.
  • Are looking to be part of a truly special and unique community that will support you in your business.
  • Are motivated and have been craving helpful support.
  • Are coachable, willing to try new things, and receive feedback.
  • Enjoy sharing with others; you are a giver, as well as a receiver.
  • Are ready to listen to your intuition and learn to take action on that inspiration to finally get the results you seek.
  • Trust the Soul-Guided messages you receive and the actions you take with them will open up money, time, energy, resources, connections, friendship, goals, dreams fulfilled and YES, MIRACLES!

What Could Your Business look like 1 year from now when you have a system that delivers both FUN and RESULTS in your Business and your Clients Businesses? 

Your Certified Facilitator Training Includes:

6 LIVE classes

'cuz it's way more fun live! Modules will be presented via Zoom Conference on your computer. (Calls will be recorded for viewing/listening later too!)


Support for you to Practice your Skills in Game Facilitation and Workshop Key Points.


for each Class to help you stay organized and equipped to do your best and to have fun papers you can doodle on.

Monthly Mastermind Calls

for Facilitators for 12 months to get feedback, support and connection with other facilitators who are happy, fun and inspired. Each month we create a powerful visualization to propel your success.

Facebook private group

for Facilitators to build great relationships, share what we are doing, ask questions, participate in group challenges, and share silly emojis.

Participate for free

in any group game facilitation or Master Classes that Jean hosts to keep your own daily practice of playing the game fun and fresh.

In addition, you will receive

 the ability to teach, sell and profit from the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game and the Miracle Formula Workshop in your business and with your clients to make your coaching more fun and easier!

You will also be a preferred referral partner with Jean Berry Presents programs with unique opportunities for training events, speaking, interviews and being promoted on specific “Chakra days”. (ie: if you are a money coach, and we are highlighting Chakra 2 in an event, you will have an opportunity to be referred!)

Also, there will be more opportunities. Certified Facilitators can apply to coach in Collaborations and the MasterClub when there are openings.

That's not all! BONUSES Make this a Win/Win/Win!

To set you up for success in this program, here are some Fabulous Bonuses to do that! These tools and resources will allow you to "hit the ground running"!

Bonus # 1 (You WIN!)

12 Games

Value: $564 

Games are Shipped* to you. You can sell for retail value of $47 each or add a facilitated program or workshop with it for $97 - $297 or more! (or add it on to one of your own coaching packages!)

This is TRULY a No-BRAINER!  When you Sell your Games at Retail, you make $564. If you include them in a program you could make up to $3,564--or more! (and I show you how to do that!)

Your 12 BONUS games ship in month 2. 

*shipping in the USA is included in the course, shipping outside of the USA will incur an additional $150 shipping charge.

***Additional games may be purchased at wholesale pricing to sell after that. 

Bonus #2 

(2) 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Calls with Jean.

Value: $750

This will allow you to get clear on the right path for you and how to approach your business using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterfly Game, Workshops and Game Facilitation as tools to support and grow your business! Jean will help you get clear on your unique path, purpose and method.

These are the practical steps to implement the daily practice of playing the game, taking action on your intuitively guided steps, and making miracles.

Bonus # 3

Soul Advisor Guidance System

Online Course

Value: $397

This is Jean's most LOVED course. Learn to Relax to a Deep level where you become a Creator. Meet your Soul Advisors and form a Round Table of support. Validate your Soul Advisor's Guidance through a very cool scientific experiment. Meet four guides to challenge you and eliminate all resistance to meeting your BIG goals.

In the 6 Modules you will :

  • Meet your Soul's Advisory Guides through a fun and interactive Guide Casting Exercise.
  • Learn to relax to a deeper level to be in "Creation State".  
  • Ask Powerful Questions that answer your deepest inquiries.
  • Validate your Soul's Guidances using a Scientific Experiment that will have you knowing that your guidance is right for you.
  • Then, meet 4 guides that will challenge you and eliminate all resistance to your positive outcomes.
  • Lastly, put it all to work by asking powerful questions and getting even more powerful answers.  

When you get to work on your Soul's Guidance, Miracles start to happen!  

Your first module of the 6-week self-study program will be delivered to you immediately upon registration.  Each week, a new module will be delivered to support your Soul Advisory Guidance process.

AND the WORLD WINS! It's True . . . There's also 🐔 CHICKENS

Jean loves helping women around the world, and Chicks 🐥 are an Economic POWERHOUSE!

Jean has a team on Kiva.org and with every game, makes micro-loans to female poultry farmers to lift their quality of life.

You will be able to join the team too if it sings to you!

Jean believes World Peace happens when moms can love and support their kids. That happens with micro loans for chickens!

THAT is an 🐣 EGG-ceptional GIFT!

Certified Facilitator Investment

I know you are wondering how much this will cost you, and I’m really excited about this because it’s truly a Win-Win-Win proposition! With the BONUS games included with your facilitation program, this Course actually Pays for itself. You can make ups to $3564++ for selling them with a facilitated program! That makes it virtually free to participate AND we will show you how to get your first sales. This is truly a no-brainer!


for 6 months

  •  6 Training Modules
  • Practicum
  • Private FB Group
  • 1 Year of Mastermind
  • 12 BONUS Games *US Shipping Included (That you can sell for retail or with a program and make up to $3564!) WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • 2 BONUS Coaching Calls
  • BONUS Soul Advisor Guidance System
Pick Me!


One Payment

  •  6 Training Modules
  • Practicum
  • Private FB Group
  • 1 Year of Mastermind
  • 12 BONUS Games *US Shipping Included (That you can sell for retail or with a program and make up to $3564!) WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • 2 BONUS Coaching Calls
  • BONUS Soul Advisor Guidance System
Pick Me!

Add a Retreat!


Payment Plan Available

All the Goodness of Everything in the Facilitator Program Plus: 

  • 4 Night/3 Day Retreat in Las Vegas, NV (lodging and transportation are separate)
  • UpLevel YOUR Game and create the integrated business of your dreams!
  • We will play, paint, pamper and align to your soul's and business calling. 
Relax into This Choice!

The Next Session of Fabulous Facilitator Training STARTS soon!

As soon as you register you will receive the first session of your Bonus Soul Advisor Guidance system course immediately. We will start the live facilitator training within 30 days. You can view past session replays to get started. After you have paid your first two payments, your BONUS games will ship. You can book your first BONUS coaching call any time after registration.

Help others get into action and live their highest purpose.

I invite you to Become a Facilitator!

Life just keeps getting busier. If this program excites you, why wait?

Still Have Questions? I have ANSWERS!

If you have questions, are wondering if this is right for you, are a verbal processor, or just want to talk to me and make sure I'm real before you make a decision, Please BOOK YOURSELF on my calendar here!


if you have a quick question, email Jean at [email protected]


This is my Calendar Link


The Legal Stuff + Support

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like the course and it does not meet your expectations, we will refund your tuition in the first 5 weeks. We want happy, excited and thriving business owners.

Once you receive your BONUS games (which ship at week 5) there are no refunds.

Missed or Late Payments are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

Jean and your facilitator peer mastermind team, invest a lot of time and energy in your success. But you are the only one who can take daily action to make your goals and habits happen. Therefore, your success is entirely in your hands. We guarantee that you will get out as much, or more, than you put into the experience. We guarantee that we will do our part to help you succeed!






You will sign a legal agreement regarding your use and teaching of the game. If you would like to review it, please send me an email at [email protected] and I will gladly send it to you for review.

The Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Certified Facilitator Program is an amazing experience! I look forward to having you.

I Invite you to Join The Fabulous Facilitators!

Now is the time to make things happen!  What will your next year look like with the game to set you apart and help you co-create miracles with your clients? What is possible by adding some fun, community and ease into your business? I'd LOVE to explore that with you!

You Can Do It! Become a Facilitator and Make the Next 12 months Your Year of Miracles! Click HERE!

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