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Hi! I'm Jean Berry, I want to help you Grow the Heart of Your Business with a Unique, Branded Transformational Game!


Why a Game?

Creating Your Own Unique, Branded, Transformational Game Creates FUN, PROFIT and much More! What shift can you make this year to cause all this?

Upgrade Your Brand + Create Expert Status

People who invent and create new products are instantly seen as experts in their field.  By developing a beautiful & memorable physical product you upgrade your brand image and get to BE the one at the TOP! 

Create a Scalable 6-7 Figure "Heart of Biz" Model

Create a suite of products & services around your game that makes scaling your business attainable in an aligned, 100% YOU way!  What is your dream income? Let's create a game that can generate active & passive multiple streams of income.

Add EASE & Magnetism to Your Marketing

Create a fresh, new and different way to up level your biz. Spice up your speaking & live events with a unique game concept. Fun & Ease create a magnetic pull for your ideal clients. Games makes your process easy to understand, memorable and easy to refer clients to you. 

Meet Lorree Appleby:

A Radical Forgiveness Coach who envisioned how a game could take a difficult topic such as healing and relationships could be made more fun and accessible.

We started working together just a few short months ago.  She accelerated her game development by Licensing my already tested and proven RESULTS Card Deck System Game to eliminate the 'guesswork' and ensure her success! 

She says, "It’s really happening after an idea and a dream to offer a fun way to connect deeply with our inner self.  If you’re wondering how a game or card deck can grow your business and make it more fun and engaging check out working with my coach, Jean Berry. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out the magic you can create!"

How Will a Game GROW my Business?

Creating a Transformational Game for Your Business opens up lots of POSSIBILITIES:

  • Create a Fun Experience for Your Client.

Solidify a concept or step in your ‘process’ of helping clients, Clients have Faster Success, and are Easier to Work with.

  • Clients Stay Engaged

When clients play a game, they stay immersed in Your Process longer and are more likely to buy again.

  • Builds Brand Memory

'Interactive & Fun' have clients remember you longer, hire you more often and refer you.

  • Delivers Measurable RESULTS

Marketing is Easier.
Open Doors to Opportunities. Close Gaps in your Marketing Pipeline, or perhaps even create a Heart-of-the-Biz Marketing model.

  • Sets a Foundation for Business Growth

You are the Go-To-Expert in Your Field. Sets you Apart as a Compelling Creative & Authority. In addition, creating a Suite of Higher Ticket products & services from your game makes a clear track forward to Scaling Your Biz to 6 or 7 figure levels.

Raise Vibration of your Brand! 
Fun, Joy, Community, Competition, Meditation all Raise your Client’s Vibration.

Higher Vibration makes your Whole Business and Life Work Better

What is it Like to Create a Game With Jean?

Lynn Burdick,

Lynn is a Play Coach who teaches how to take life's next brave steps in Play. Her vision was to create an interactive game that would help clients experience shift in a safe and playful way.  Lynn used her game to secure speaking engagements to grow her biz, adding new clients to her pipeline.

Here's what she says about the game development process:

"When we started the process, it was exciting to experience the creative system of Jean & her Team. What I expected to walk away from the process with was a game for my coaching business, but what I got was a GAME PLAN. A game plus financial projections and marketing direction."  

What's the Difference Between a Card Deck & a Transformational Game?

Super Hint: You WANT a Game to Grow Your Business!

I LOVE Card Decks, but they simply aren't good business decisions....they are usually low-end products that may create a small cash flow and a colorful representation of your biz. A "Heart of Biz" Game, on the other hand, can turn into a suite of higher-ticket products and services that allow you to SCALE your business to the income that you truly desire!

A Card Deck is typically quotes, oracle cards or tarot and angel reading cards that you can pick for inspiration and validation for your day as well as prompts for your day.

Here are some ways you can tell the difference:  

A Transformational, "Heart of Biz" Game is:

  • The Process itself  Causes Active Engagement and shifts (The Player is Involved and not just a passive participant.)
  • There is more than One Step. Which makes it more dynamic and fun.
  • The way I design games, the Player can CHOOSE their Play. Which means you actively choose your next action.
  • Takes Your Work & Creates Transformation by the act of playing. This is not a simple reading, message or validation of your direction, it opens up insights, raises vibration and has them OWN your unique transformational process.
  • Joins the Gamification Trend.  Individuals as well as organizations and business are looking to games as a new way to grow their people.  Interactive, active and things to DO that cements the learning and elements of the process with the player.

Business Models Matter

Check out how a Game "Heart of Biz" Model compares to a traditional 'Funnel' Model:

In a traditional Funnel model, you decide for your client how they enter and what is given to them next. 

Many Creative and Heart-Centered Business Owners struggle with models that keep them restricted and unable to scale their offers to what makes their hearts sing!  

By placing a Game at the Center of your Business, everything from lead generation to scaling your Biz gets EASIER! --This is because your client chooses what makes their heart sing while you get to offer all the things that you do in an organized and understandable way.

While this illustration shows 6 ways to make income, there are hundreds that you can plug in like one-on-one coaching, niche clubs, speaking, and the sky's the limit!

(I explain this more deeply the video training, if you want more information about this, make sure to watch the Game Magic: Seriously Lucrative Coaching Biz Model Training--You can find it HERE.)

"Before working with Jean and using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game, I lost days of productivity and focus that spanned into weeks and then months. I had a hard time getting stuff done and was always working into the night and on weekends. NOW I take off Fridays, rarely work evenings, and have more time with my family and things I REALLY want to do, all while maintaining and growing my sales volume!"

Rebecca Metz

Hi, I'm Jean Berry, Your Creative Support & Your Game Creation Mentor 

Here's a little bit about me:

I am an intuitive artist, coach, healer and multi-faceted entrepreneur.  I wanted to create a game because I was tired of all the 'systems and structures' that we are told are the way to succeed in the transformational coaching world. While creating one more look-alike program that my audience didn't understand, I said, "Enough is enough!  I want to PLAY!" 

What I discovered on the road to Game Development and testing of my own game, is that I didn't know what I was doing and I made lots of mistakes that cost both time and money. 

I have perfected the system and invented lots of support structures and Accelerators to make your game development fun & easy. I'm excited to help you with your biz game launch. I invite you to work and PLAY with me!

What Does It Take to Create a Game?

Support & Collaboration

We work in collaborative small groups where you can get inspiration, ideas & feedback.  In addition, our Club platform keeps you on track and allows us to coach you daily!

Training, Templates & Checklists

With our process and templates, we walk with you through the steps, so there's no guessing, spinning wheels or making costly mistakes. Checklists keep you on track.

Creative Visioning Sessions

Jean and her team will help you vision, brainstorm and find the perfect ideas and form for your game. We do this one-on-one in two 2-hour sessions via Zoom. 


We team together those who are at the same stages of game development for support, accountability and mind-set shifting (all biz uplevels require new thoughts!) We help you stay on track in meeting your desired goals.

The Game Magic Design Process: Phases 1-3

This is a unique Business Model and Development process that has several steps . . . any one of which can stop you in your tracks.  We've created a system to keep you moving and aligned with your desired outcome!

Phase I

is Creative Development, Visioning and Energetic Alignment. You look at your whole business and fit your game in the perfect place including financial projections. This is followed by one-on-one Creative Visioning with Jean & her Team. The Goal of the first phase is to get you from concept to Game Mock-up. 

Phase II

is the stage where you create BUZZ, begin to monetize and test your game. You will market and sell a Beta or Pilot program then make any needed changes from that testing. This generates CASH FLOW while you are testing your game and before you go into mass production. We walk you through each step of testing, analysis, Testing Program set-up and initial production. 

Following Phases I & II, we also offer a Phase III program

for supporting you in setting up your long-term money-making, world-changing, heart-aligned plan for your Heart-of-Biz model.  If you desire World Domination, that is the program we'll help you envision!

See how we make every step of the game creation process creative & fun!

Here's a Glimpse into Our Intuitive Brainstorming Process and Creative Magic with Lucretia Coleman, a Life Strategist.  

(This could be us creating together!)


The Game Magic Game Design: Let's Create & LAUNCH this Baby!

It Starts with a conversation.  

Are you Ready to Create Your Game? Here's how you can play.

Our Custom and Licensed Games come with tons of support, clarity and fun. Each program is slightly different, and provides many of these features:

  • 6-12 Months of Support.
  • One-on-One Creativity/Visioning Session (in two 2-hour blocks) with Jean & Team.
  • 6 One-on-One Coaching Calls with Jean and/or Team. We cover finding the 'heart of your biz', building buzz, game mock-ups, setting up your testing, making money and creating your 6 or 7 figure plan.
  • Game-Makers Mastermind. This is where you get to gather with other game creators and get ideas and learn from each other.
  • 2 60-minute Class/Workshops.  These are recorded sessions where you can work at your own speed through your business model and financial projections. 
  • Unlimited 20 minute check-in calls.  Need help? Book a call.
  • Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game sent to you. We play while we create!  It keeps your intuition and 'Magic-creating' at it's peak!
  • Game Magic Development Curriculum.  We play a game that includes the process, checklists, templates and worksheets to move your game along in the quickest way possible.
  • Resource list and experts for your unique game and desired outcomes.

You will finish Phase I  & II with a Mock-up Game that is in beta testing and you are making money. This also includes visioning for Phase III.

There are two game development options that I will discuss with you to see how it matches with your business.  The next step is booking your Game Magic Discovery call with me!

This Program is Available by Application Only

I only take people who truly fit. Let's have a Game Magic Discovery Call to see if a game is right for you and your business and if my process is a good match. That's how I can guarantee results! Book a short, no obligation Discovery Call here. There are only 6 spots for game creators this year.

Let's PLAY!

Your Next Step to More FUN & Profit is to book a call (Above).

We do game development, like I live....we play and create and express ourselves fully!

Get out your magic wand, we're going to have some FUN!  Where will you wear your tutu?

Thanks for checking this all out . . . 

I look forward to seeing you on my Calendar!




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