Dream Imagery Journey Master Class

Your Intuitive & Interactive Dream Game to Unlock Your Highest Level Business!

Access Fun, Clarity, Truth and Flow.


When I was 38 and figuring out ‘what I was going to do when I grew up’, I took a lot of classes and became certified in lots of things.  Fine Arts, Healing, Coaching, Yoga, Tapping, Laughter (YES! You can get certified in laughter yoga! HA!) and many more. 

Eventually I had to reflect back, and a wise coach had me look inside and find my heart and soul’s wisdom.

What I learned in working with lots of creative and heart driven entrepreneurs is: You don’t need another certification to confirm you are gifted. 

You don’t need another course to teach you what you already know.

Everything is already inside of you, waiting for you to discover it!

In this all new masterclass Dream Imagery Journey, we are going to get you to do just that!

Over the course of this class you will-

  •  Be guided through a series of guided visionary quests, each unlocking a piece of the strategy that is best for you and aligned with your highest potential!

  •  You will create a Game Board that gives you clear action steps to take and helps you to become aware of what roadblocks can show up along the way.

  •   Join me at the end of our journey for LIVE and intuitive hot seat business coaching! 

I invite you to Join me on this Dream Journey!

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Dream Imagery Journey Master Class

Your Intuitive & Interactive Game to Unlock your Dream Business!

It's TONS of Fun and Causes Clarity & Dream Flow!

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