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Creativity Activities to UpLevel Your Game: Align, Awaken + Activate

1-Day, 2-Day and 3-Day Experiences Available

So, You're Going to Be in VEGAS -- Open Your Creative Manifesting Genius with Jean

You are craving a different kind of 'Vegas' experience, AND you desire:


Create deep alignment with your purpose and mission. What happens is deep healing around your purpose and mission and a clear vision emerges of what to DO next with ease and joy. This results in exponential business growth that is simply not predictable based solely upon the aligned actions that you will be taking.


Embodying Your Next Leap! Whether that leap is in business, finance, relationships, health or spirituality, the KINDNESS and TENDERNESS that you gift your body allows you to make your next move.

Jean is trained in many energy and emotional modalities. We will intuitively find the right system and vibration to soothe your nervous system. 


Take a Deep Breath of Creation. Create with Jean in her Professional Art Studio. You will paint, create, doodle, write, color and play intuitive 'games' with Jean. Creating a fresh, new and different way to live inside your body and business. 

Open up your dreams and dream world to a new portal of manifesting through creation. 

Let's Create YOUR Personal Game

I LOVE šŸ’• creating new games. What does that mean for YOU?

That this is a unique personally tailored retreat and experience for YOU! 

For Michelle, it was with intuitive drawings, meditation and conversation that opened up her next business plan and 'game board'.

For Astrid, it was ‘pool immersion’ and wealth consciousness as well as creating a game to connect to her Soul’s Guidance system and painting intuitive art. 

For Amber, it was red wine in the hot tub along with a personal 'Clue-style' game, intuitive angel readings and intuitive art drawings to answer questions in a way that allowed up-leveling her business plan.


What is your heart’s šŸ’œ desire?  Let’s design your personal Vegas experience!

When will you be in Las Vegas? Would you like to schedule a private or group creativity/dream session and clarity experience?  I'd love to chat with you about your time here!

Chat with Jean About Your Game Plan + Heart's Desires


Join me in Las Vegas for 1-day, 2-day or 3-day experience.

Create in my art studio, sit at the feet of Buddha, and feel the love.

Warm your heart and soul in this Up-Level Experience at my sanctuary home conveniently (and surprisingly!) located only 2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. 

Enjoy a dip in the pool or a cool drink on the patio while you discover your deep clarity and joy inside your business.

We Create, Dream + Align your Heart's Desires.

This experience is about YOU raising your vibration to the level you desire, and creating a personal game that you take home with you to keep that vibration point high!


Balance in Mental + Emotional Body, Calm + Contented šŸ’œ Heart, Follow Your Excitement, Experience Alchemy. 

Here's some of the Magic Possibilities of this Retreat Experience::

There's so much more! See below.

Deep Certainty of Choice

Those who experience the immersion in their highest guidance leave feeling SURE of their choices and next steps. We use intuitive art, games and energy work to illicit this level of certainty!

Action or Even Create a Deck!

In addition to your personal game, you can use your time with Jean to invent a Card Deck or Game that you use with your clients. Jean's top 'Strength-finders' talent is IDEAS. And when they align with your mission, they can be unstoppable!

Collaboration, Love + Compassion

Wherever you are at in your business or life, the compassionate support in Jean's household will melt your heart, and allow you to feel your pure love state. 

Here's what Amber says about the Business Alchemy Retreat and Game Experience:

"Jean is MAGIC, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Our time together has created the clarity, fun and restoration that I needed to take my business to the next level. The compass archetypes we drew together are still informing me of my directions 2 years later. AMAZING!"

Amber Annette

Sample Activities:

Settle in, enjoy a snack and/or a drink and good conversation. Sit at the feet of the Chinese Guard Dogs, and warm yourself at one of 4 fireplaces, or enjoy or a cool dip in the pool.

One Day + Two Day Expansive

Arrive at my beautiful home. Setting your sacred intention for our time together, we will play the ‘game’ we create just for you using creativity, meditations, journeys, dreaming, and aligning.

This is the joyful 'work' of this experience. Finding your alignment through creativity and play! Getting clear on your choices and actions, and creating color in your world. 

Eat delicious and aligned food for lunch.

During your relax time: Luxuriate on a pool chair, swim in the pool, paint or draw, read a book, journal, create music, feel the love.

Three Day:

All the above, PLUS, I know that one of the most important parts of deep growth and expansive living is Integration and ‘ME-time’ for YOU!

What does that look like for you? Perhaps sitting by the pool or at Buddha's feet (depending on the weather) and being served food and drink, sitting on the comfy chairs and journaling, painting in my studio at your own speed, maybe a field trip with Jean to Red Rocks park for a hike, Spring Preserve (just a mile from our house) for an adventure, or a sound healing, yoga or massage brought to you in my home.

What sounds expansive and fun?


Tell me about the Pampering with Food

Lunches and snacks are included in your experience.

How do you describe your eating/diet?

At 'Casa Berry', we eat ‘vibrationally’. Which means that we eat what is calling to us. That makes us well versed in keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, and the less common ‘I eat whatever I want’ diets. If we don't know it, we will learn or order it in. 

We always have kombucha and fruit + veggies in the house, as well as champagne and fine chocolate. Please request anything else you desire. You will receive a questionnaire before your experience for your preferences.

Hi, I'm Jean Berry, Intuitive Business Coach 

I want to pamper you, expand your alignment, contentment, certainty and personal/spiritual growth in a way that Grows the Heart of Your Business and opens up Serious Fun and Serious Profit!

Here's a little bit about me:

As an intuitive artist, coach, healer and multi-faceted entrepreneur, I have been trained in 8 different healing modalities as well as receiving certification as an intuitive coach, intuitive artist, and active dreaming teacher.

I am opening up my home and art studio for personal Vegas experiences because I LOVE to travel, and with current times, I wanted to make it easy.  I know that changing up your physical location and view opens up growth and joy in a deep way. 

I create a games, decks and art because I see that the 'systems and structures' that we are told will create a successful business don't work for me. While I was creating one more look-alike program that my audience didn't understand, I said, "Enough is enough!  I want to PLAY!" And, I know you do too!

The road to a successful product/course based business took me some time, and now I have perfected the balance and fun as well as  invented lots of support structures and Accelerators to make BEING a joyful entrepreneur accessible. I'm excited to support you in BEING your best self.

That happens when we PLAY together!

Book a Time on my Calendar, Let's Plan Your Retreat!

Let's SHIFT this:

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

 Instead of following your intuition, you tend to follow everyone else. All of the gurus, the experts, the influencers that seem to have some secret formula to success.

Or maybe instead of staying in your creative zone of genius, you start doubting your gifts and natural talents, and ultimately gravitating towards another course claiming that you need to be certified, or 'how-to' strategies to grow your business.

Perhaps you are in the Do-Do-Do mode and want a break!

And now you are left wondering, what is my next move? What is my next level? 

Let's Up-Level Your Game and find your šŸ”„ FIRE, Certainty and Aligned Actions! (that's what happens in my magical studio!)

The Creative Vegas Experience starts at $2,222

I invite people who are truly are aligned and resonant to this experience. Let's have a Business Alchemy Call to see what kind of experience is right for you and your business and if my process is a good match for you. We can add on additional support after your retreat, custom games, art and more! Book your call here.

Are you Craving Travel + Self-Care?

Book a Time Above and Let's Plan your Experience!

Your Next Step to Business Alchemy through Alignment, Awareness + Activation is planning!

We do events that same way we create games. (It's how I live!) Playing, creating and expressing ourselves fully!  This is truly about listening to your intuition and then getting into aligned action.

Get out your magic wand, we're going to have some FUN!  Where will you wear your tutu?

Thanks for being in my world.

I look forward to seeing you on my Calendar!



" Iā€™m still living on the Fairy Dust of my one on one time with Jean in her Magical 'castle'."

Astrid Mueller

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